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Anyway Ranking in the world!
It's an American Joke!
Enjoying a cafe!

Publishing about Good / Bad gossip and Experience of Bapper, School, Restaurant and Agent etc. Get the information here for don't waste your precious time!

There are famous sightseeing spot with photos. You should check it, because the sightseeing spot is influenced at a season. For those who don't have enough money, a round course with working is a must!!

The school information is divided according to skill. When you don't have enough money, there is Free English school information in here. Let's look for the school which suited your current situation from here?

The information are Only Cheap but Delicious Restaurants and Pubs to the person who is "Eating is my life". These information is introduced by local people, therefore you can't get it from a guide book!

There are many event in Australia. Here, the globally famous event and the interesting event which can't be overlooked by any means are introduced. You can't travel around Australia without this information!

Aren't you tired with studying English?! When you feel tired, there are information about playing spot. Australia is Golf Heaven! You can play golf from $10. How about raising the ability of golf?

Can earn over $400 or $5 a day?! The work is affected by a season and the weather. Therefore you should get many information for the job. There are How to work for begginer and Picking Calender in here.

Get the information about Backpackers and Caravan Park in Australia. The number of the data are over 500! (with photos). And also, you can get the Backpackers information which offer a job.

Recommended shopping place! There are many variety shops which are Asian grocery, Souvenir, Outlet shops and Second hand, without genre in here.

Austalia is Gamble Heaven!. Get the information about the rules and how to enjoy of the table games of Casino, Horse Racing and Tattersall's. Your dreams come true... You might be millionaire someday?!

The living information about Bus, Train, Tram, Ferry, Car, Education Agent, Free Internet place etc. and you can get
AnywayGo Original City Map
There are many profits for you.

Kaplan International College

+ Air Line
  Virgin Blue
  Sky West
  Regional Express

+ Bus
  Fire Fly
  Premier Motor

+ TimeTable
  Train Bus Ferry
  Train (MAP)
  Tram (MAP)
  FreeTram (City Circle)
  Train (MAP)
  FreeBus CAT (MAP)
  FreeBus (MAP)
  99C    99B

+ Rent a car

+ Train & Ferry
  Long-distance Train
  Spirit of Tasmania

+ Bank

+ Job Search
  Job Search
  My Career

+ Finding
  Post Code
  Sydney Map
  Mwlbourne Map
  Perth Map

  TV Program
  Movie Schedule   Second Car Search
  Share Info
  Share Info(Syd,Mel)

+ Government organization
  TAX Office

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